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I have had a Nokia E7-00 for 2 years. The charging USB socket needed to be changed.

I took it to KVK in Besiktas as per the Nokia store advise. They changed it for me for TL70. It worked for 5 weeks, then broke again. I took it back and said you must not be using original Nokia spare parts, because the original one worked for 2 years, your one only worked for a month!

They took the phone and 5 days later they called me saying that it was customer abuse and that I need to pay TL50. I said I would if they give me back the part they would replace so I can verify it is original. They said OK, then sent me an sms confirming and saying that phone would be ready in 3 days. 6 days later I rock up to the shop only to be told that the phone was not ready and that I should come back the next day.

I told them that I would complain to Nokia and they didn't seem to care. I am furious!!!!

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