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After having my Lumia 1020 for 3 months, the battery died. And i mean it. It was 100% before I go to sleep, and it went to "Battery Saver" when i woke up (no apps on the background to drain my battery as i was a nokian and a wp lover, so i just loved to use the pre installed apps).

I went to Nokia Care, and i gave them the phone.

The phone was "Fixed" after a month of waiting! [A1852142]

when i took it on my hands i was shocked! the plastic body of the phone all around the screen was damaged from the tool the service guy used to open the phone, and the screen was loose-you could move the screen up and down!

We send it back to be repaired, and after a month it was "fixed" again! [A1925633].

For my surprise, they replaced my totally perfect screen, but they had left the plastic unrepaired, so guess what? Back to service!

After 1 month the phone was back [A1936970] and perfect!

After 2-3 hours of use the screen froze (volume, power and camera buttons was working, but screen was unresponsive). I made a reboot, and it was working, but after 2-3 hours it froze again, and again. I made a factory reset which did nothing on my problem. After some hours, the screen was completely frozen, and reboot wasn't helping any more.

I contacted Microsoft/Nokia, to ask them to replace the phone and they told me I have to send it back to service AGAIN to have it "repaired"!

They are just messing with us. I am totally disapointed. Dont buy their products, it's not worth it

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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