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I would like to bring to your notice the horrible experience I had with the much touted Nokia Lumia device. I purchased this Nokia Lumia 710 device from one of the Nokia priority shops at Marathahalli, Bangalore on 13 April 2012. For the THIRD time, I returned my Lumia smart phone for repeat issues - the phone has stopped connecting to 3G, poor audio / call quality (distorted voice), heating issues, screen flickering, getting switched off automatically sometimes. I have asked for a replacement, but Nokia is refusing that and asking me to take the same phone which they say is repaired.

I have submitted the phone to Nokia Care at Marathahalli for the THIRD time on 13 May 2012.You may find the details below:

Nokia Complaint Number assigned (through Nokia website): 1-12440327515/ 1-12322520026 / 1-12313258492

You can see three complaint numbers for the same issue. What they do is to open a new complaint instead of re-opening the old one so that they won't beach the SLA. But the issue will still remain UNRESOLVED.

Job Sheet Number: 518465550 / 120427 / 21

Date: 13 May 2012

Model: Lumia 710

IMEI Serial Number (*#06#): 359300048040795

Software Version: 1600.3015.8107.12070

Battery No: 07291

Charger No: 03466

My details:

Email id:

I have contacted Their standard reply is:

"We have forwarded your concern to the team. Someone will connect with you soon regarding the same.". This "someone" from their team rarely calls you and if you are one of the privileged to get their call (mostly YOU will call them out of your frustration), the trained call centre executive will try to soothe you and give the standard response, but your issue will not get resolved. After a while, you realise that they are all conning against you.

I have also contacted many people who had issues with their Nokia devices and NONE of them were happy with Nokia Care. They just want to fleece the customer even if the product is well within warranty period citing ***, unbelieveable excuses such as "sweat went inside, no warranty for keyboard / battery, screen is not covered under warranty etc.".

The bottom line is: - You will NEVER get any replacement, however genuine the issue be. The better option is to fight it out legally in a consumer court.

The best option is:


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