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i bought this Nokia Lumia 1020 just 3 weeks ago and ever since i had a very bad time with this mobile. I am not able to do outgoign calls. i have to try atleast 10 to 20 times to make a single call. Initially i thought it was due to my service provider which is Vodafone. But i am using this number for more than 5 years and i never had an issue. But still i contacted them and changed my sim twice. Then i checked my sim with a different mobile and i nerver had this issue. On my new mobie (Nokia Lumia 1020) i was not able to coonet to xbox , i have to try try multiuple times to login to it. Somtimes it logsoff automatically from the game while playing. I contacted Nokia Care at perambur. They checked my device for 2 hours and said everything is fixed, they did some software update. But still i experience the same issue. Moreover they said once i login to hotmail i will get all my contacts back. But i lost all my contacts. Now it is in a very bad shape. I was very happy with a cheaper mobile but after geting this expensive mobile i am having a very bad time. Need assistance to fix my issue.



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Are you kidding me $47000 that just sounds frivolous and ***

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