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Dear Sirs, Madam;

"Nokia-Turkey, Connecting or disconnecting people?"

Although, Mr. Stephen Elop has admitted that "our platform is burning", i think he should also worry about huge "unsatisfied and ignored Nokia customers club" in Turkey.

Honestly, i have been a potential member of this club during the last decade without realizing the awful truth. But today, correlatively to "ignorance is bliss", my ignorance has ceased in a sad way, just like the other thousands of customers ignored by Nokia-Turkey.

If some of the main consumer complaint websites in Turkey were investigated, honestly there is no need to make any investigation, just a small "look" is enough, it is very clearly seen that thousands of people in Turkey suffer from "customer oriented approach!" of Nokia-Turkey that I could not see (or did not want to see or did not need to see) during last decade.

Strikingly, most of the stories have almost the same beginning, body and conclusion parts. Begining is "i had bought a Nokia XXXX from…", body is " after my Nokia XXXX has broken I have send it to technical service…" and the conclusion is "even if Nokia could not repair my mobile during 30 work-days, they do not change my mobile phone".

As almost every country, Turkey also has consumer rights laws and regulations, and in these laws and regulations it is clearly stated that if the device can not be repaired within 30 work-days, the producer must change the device with a new one. But Nokia strangely insists on not to respect these laws and regulations. Honestly according to point of view of Nokia-Turkey, they have also respected these laws and regulations, but "the nuance" is that, changing the PCB is called "changing the mobile". Whenever you tried to demand a new mobile from Nokia Turkey, they respond with "ok, we have also started changing activities, we are waiting for a new PCB. We are going to change your phone's PCB, so you are going to have new IMEI number, so you are going to have brand new Nokia..", Perfect!. But as we mentioned above according to us, changing the PCB is not a "device changing activity", technically it is a "repairing activity", in colloquial speech it is "playing Nokia customers for a sucker and trying to use a legal gap badly"

I think it is not needed to explain to you my Nokia 6730 any further. My story has also the same beginning, body and conclusion parts as the others written in Turkey.

Another part of the issue is not locally, it is globally. As some terrorist organizations do, I think Nokia has also chosen cellular organization structure for their CRM system. There is no higher authority for your complaints. Even if you ask Nokia-Turkey to have at least a level higher e-mail address, the answers is to easy and standard; "sorry we are unable to give these kinds of information". I think they got me wrong, I do not need to know Nokia Corporation's bank account numbers; I just asked a high level e-mail address where I can send a mail about my problem which is not solved by Nokia-Turkey. After 3 days of research done on internet, and even asking to some of Nokia care pages from other countries, only the thing I get about e-mail addresses is a huge "nothing". Nokia can really hide such "secret" information. May be Nokia-global implicitly says their customers that " if you have any problem, just stop moaning and accept the reality, everything will be stay between you and your local nokia dealer, I do not get involve with this issue"

I think sometimes changes is better, maybe it is better to try an iPhone or a Blackberry. I should also admit that I have to thank Nokia to cure my Nokia obsession, especially when they realize that their platform is burning. And if every thing goes at this rate, everything will be much hotter for Nokia, especially for Nokia-Turkey

If somebody knows Nokia-Global customer care's email address pls do not hesitate to send this mail to this address instead of me, if there is such a department or someone who care about such issues.

A former Nokia User, oriented!! by Nokia-Turkey

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