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I have a E71, IMEI 352924023416139, guarantee valid. I had a camera problem then I gave it to the local official technical service provider, KVK at Besiktas, august 11th. Except the 2 SMS messages within the first 10 days, nobody called me. I have called to ask what was going on. They had to change the camera and would keep me posted to pick it up. Nobody again called me. After 30 working days, I called them and asked to change the phone with a new one, it was my legal right. Nokia said no, claiming it was fixed within 30 days! But nobody called me, no messages, how can I know? Then as a good faith, I took it bask. The service was supposed to test it before giving it to me right? Well, I have checked at home, the front camera then was not working. The next day I went again to the service, they took it again! I have asked a phone change again. Noboday has called again except 2 SMS messages in the first week. I have called few days later, they told me that the phone change was agreed by Nokia. I asked for a date, the answer was no date, we have to wait. They have proposed a Blackberry while waiting the new phone... great, they propose your competitor's phone! Funny and a tragedy! I rejected claiming why they didnt popose it the first day instead of the last minute! No answer. I would continue to use my old Nokia 6070 till then. I was told that Nokia was importing the new phones for change purposes! This is a complete disorder, bad procedure and against customers satisfaction as there are plenty of phones at the stores! You take one back from the stores and give it to me, and your store should wait the new phone, not the existing customer! The answer was no! Customer satisfaction deteriorationg day by day. I called KVK and Nokia to ask about the new phone because nobody called me. Finally, I have called and learnt that the phone had arrived. I received a SMS message that I could pick it up on friday oct 30th, exactly on the 30th working day! Good calculation, you are using all your time! I went to pick it up, I understand that only the interior electronic part of the phone was changed, not the box and battery! This is a complete nonsense! A real scandal! I have objected furiously. The lady at KVK has asked me to come monday nov 2nd as she would try to find a brand new box for the phone! I have taken the phone today. I asked for the guarantee starting date, I have been told as per the invoice date! Where the *** is the logic here? You are giving me a supposed new phone and the guarantee doesnt start at the delivery date? Another SCANDAL! I have checked the new after being my car, I am seeing the previous tiny natural scratches on it, so isnt this box been changed or not? That's really really unbearable at the end...

Almost 3 MONTHS without the phone! Couldn't check my emails and go into internet while being away from computers. Technical service taking its time and not controling before giving the phone back! The model already has deteriorated, its value going down! I was told a change with a new phone, it was not a brand new phone! I have asked to change with a higher model, no answer!

I am really really deeply DISAPOINTED, I have heard a lot about those kind of problems but I have never trusted those words, but living it personnaly, I now completely agree with those people. I am seeing the bad corporate results of Nokia and thinking of what I have lived, I am not surprised at all.

I have stopped trading Nokia shares as your company is going downward, you see how much affinity I had with Nokia, up to being a shareholder?!

You are LOSING serious distance against your direct competitors iPhone and Blackberry, and other brands developing their products and services strongly. Your decreasing market shares within the A and B customer segments will be worse.

I have already started to not recommend Nokia to my friend/contact list. I am not willing to use this E71 any longer although I was happy with its content. It is really a BIG SHAME!

Sell your products but then NOTHING for customer satisfaction in case of a problem... It IS NOT and WON'T work this way!


I am waiting and request SERIOUS EXPLANATIONS from Nokia Management about those facts, NOT a procedural corporate answer.

I have no more desire to use this E71 anymore! I am not going to use it until you find a way to recomfort me, not until you give me CLEAR explanations or find another solution.

Thanks to Nokia itself and KVK, you have killed all my Nokia love!


Monetary Loss: $600.

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